“Glamping®” in Greenough

We continue to be at the center of the “Glamping” (glamorous camping) phenomena.  We were recently featured on a short video by ViroPop.  See below (you can move forward to 1:05 to the start of the Glamping portion of the video):

Note: we also salute Apple’s green efforts.  Nice to see other companies sharing our passion for eco-friendly behavior.

Jennifer Domansky, editor at GlampingGirl.com, has written articles about both Tent City and River Camp.  She did a great job capturing the essence of both of these canvas communities.  Be sure to check out her website.

Natasha’s Quest

We have been following the story of Natasha Hurst, a small business owner from Canada, who is chronicling her weight-loss goal on her blog.  She has set up a series of “rewards” that she gets when she reaches certain benchmarks of pounds lost.  One of her “rewards” is a weekend getaway with her husband to The Resort at Paws Up.  We are flattered by being chosen as the destination associated with this reward.  We are 100% behind Natasha and support her in this great effort she is putting forth.  We can’t wait to welcome her and her husband to The Resort soon.  Go Natasha!

Check Us Out on Facebook!

First, a blog.  Now, a profile on Facebook!  The Resort at Paws Up is really trying to keep up with the social media phenomena.  Technology has come a long way since Lewis & Clark navigated their way through our neck of the woods without Google Maps approximately 200 years ago.  We are excited to connect with our many friends and members of the “Paws Up Family”.  We’ll keep you posted on all of the events and happenings from Greenough, MT.

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