Tips For Travelling With Pets

At Paws Up, we’ve redefined the term “pet friendly”.  Your best friend is absolutely welcome to join you on your vacation.  Here are a few tips from famous dog trainer Cesar Millan (a.k.a., the “Dog Whisperer”) that we thought you might find helpful:

Prepare. Don’t make it a last minute “pack-and-let’s-go.” Your dog will sense your anxiety and tension. Be ready days in advance, so that your dog has a normal experience before he has to get in the car or on the plane.

Don’t feed your dog for at least 6 hours before plane travel.  Some people recommend 8 or even a full 24 hours. However, make sure your dog has access to water – enough to keep hydrated but not full.

Bring your dog’s blankie. Or his favorite stuffed animal, toy, bone–any item which is familiar to your dog and will comfort and relax him.

Balanced dogs make better travel companions. There is no specific breed or size of dog that naturally travels better than another, but an unstable dog will not make a good travel companion. Always nurture a balanced state of mind in your dog, and you will create a more pleasant traveling experience for both of you!

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