“The United States’ First Carbon-Neutral Property”

From USA Today: The United States now has its first carbon-neutral property, the Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Montana. Following a comprehensive assessment of the total carbon output of the resort, Paws Up has invested in local forestry and rangeland projects to reduce the carbon “paw print” of their guests in 2009 to zero. “While it has been important to reduce our carbon footprint through offsets,” says general manager Jim Nielsen, “our next goal will be to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that we produce, through solar and wind power initiatives and increasing recycling and waste management efforts.”

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“A Luxurious Wilderness Safari…in the U.S.”

That’s what JG Blackbook President Jena Gardner called Paws Up in a recent article. She went on to list the Top 5 reasons to stay at The Resort at Paws Up:

1. Luxury Oasis
2. Camping in Style
3. High-Country Adventure
4. Family Fun
5. Gourmet Dining

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