Barking Up The Right Tree…

The second annual Canine Classic at Paws Up was a terrific event that raised more than $12,000 for the Humane Society of Western Montana.  We would like to thank all of the participants, sponsors and donors.  It was a fantastic and fun way to lend a helping hand to our canine friends.

Check out this article by the KPAX news staff for event details.

Also, we had one of our star canine’s at the event write a recap.  Her name is Trip.  Here’s what she had to say (she may have had a little help from her owner, Marta Pierpoint):

To my people, donors and fans:

You are all the coolest humans ever!  I raised $1,000 for the HSWM because of your generosity.    And, guess what, the actual hike was the best day of my life!  No seriously.  I didn’t get out much before.  Today I met all these other dogs and people.  OMG Marta had arranged for all the people to carry treats for me on the trail.   Any time I did the least little thing someone gave me a cookie.  And the dogs…well I fell in love with the mini daschund named Enzo Ferrari.   He is my kind of dog.  Handsome, Italian and he has this bad boy dog streak where he pretends he can’t hear his owners and runs off. He is so little they can’t see him in the woods.  I love him.

Well,  while everyone was distracted by Enzo I just hung out with the pack waiting for my moment.  I didn’t have to wait long.  Suddenly there was game…deer they call them. Did you know, when you chase deer, they run?  They run fast and it is soooo fun to run after them. I chased with wild abandon.  Several minutes later I regained my composure and did return to the pack after they whistled forever as if I couldn’t hear the first twenty times.  I was busy OK?! Truthfully, I heard people saying it would be a bad thing for the Board Chair of the Humane Society to lose a foster dog.  So I chased just long enough to get a great work out (which I needed after all the cookies) but not long enough to make Marta seriously mad.   I still got treats when I came back. What a LIFE!

Nobody adopted me today but I am not worried because after all, I am a princess!  Though at the moment I am banned from my princess lounging on the furniture.   Marta is a little crabby because after all the fun at Paws Up, I came home and rolled in something truly yummy in our own yard.  (Wow it is so cool to find scented dead stuff right here at home!)  After my big roll this evening,  I smelled divine but Marta made me take a shower.  Now I have to stay off the furniture. How pedestrian!  (Please).  Just wait until she goes to sleep….

Thank  you wonderful, generous friends.  We raised lots of much needed money and goodwill for my friends at the shelter today.  I hope they all find homes and can join me at next year’s Canine Classic.  Paws Up is awesome!  This was the best day of my life.  I love all you nice people for making it happen for me and my buddies.

You are the best, Mwah…Trip.

Native Nomenclature – River Camp

As a tribute to The Treasure State, each of our accommodations are named for something native to Montana.  As part of our “Native Nomenclature” series, learn more about the origin of the individual tent names at River Camp…inspired by rivers in Montana that offer killer fly-fishing:

Bitterroot: One of the premier trout rivers in the western part of Montana.

Flathead: The South Fork of the Flathead is the only place where you’re allowed to target the ferocious Bull Trout.  Paws Up Outfitters offers guided pack/float trips along the river, located in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Clark Fork: Offers enough fly fishing variety to satisfy any angler.

Yellowstone: Boasts excellent dry fly fishing as well as sub-surface fishing with nymphs and streamers.

Big Mo: The Missouri River is well known for its outstanding hatches and hard-fighting trout.

Blackfoot: Paws Up’s home turf (10 miles of it flow through Paws Up property…and River Camp is nestled along its banks).  The Blackfoot features excellent fly-fishing for brown trout and rainbow trout.

Redefining “Pet Friendly” has featured Paws Up as a pet-friendly hotel.  Click here to read the article.

Join us for the 2nd Annual Canine Classic on Sunday, September 26th at The Resort at Paws Up.  The Canine Classic is a benefit hike/run for you and your canine companion. 100% of the registration fees and/or pledge donations go to support the Humane Society of Western Montana and the care of homeless animals.  Click here for more information and to register.

Native Nomenclature – Tent City

As a tribute to The Treasure State, each of our accommodations are named for something native to Montana.  As part of our “Native Nomenclature” series, learn more about the origin of the individual tent names at Tent City…inspired by infamous Montana outlaws:

Rattlesnake Jake: Wanted for minor horse rustling, suspected of murder and wanted in half a dozen towns and at least four territories.

The Wild Bunch: The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang Robbed Trains and Shot People.

Dutch Henry: Terrorized settlers with their horse thievery, kidnapping and robberies.

Big Nose George: A rustler and robber who in his life ran with many outlaws.

The Pigeon-Toed Kid: Ran with a bunch of horse thieves who were rustling along the border and selling them in North Dakota.

Long-Haired Owens: Was Rattlesnake Jake’s partner in crime.