Cowpokes’ Corral Cast of Characters: Butters

We have some new friends at our Kids Cowpokes’ Corral. We’ll introduce them to you one at a time.

Hi, I’m Butters! I was born on a farm in Choteau, Montana. My friends Mike, Mackenzie, and Tara picked me up on a cold day in June. I was only four weeks old and a little scared that first day and rightfully so. When I arrived at the ranch I learned I was sharing my new corral with some crazy animals!

I enjoy a bottle every morning and love to lay in the sunshine all day. It’s a tough life, but “hay”, somebody’s gotta do it! I also really love following kids around and oh my, when they let me suck on their fingers it’s the greatest! I have a sweet spot behind both of my ears on my neck, and I will be your best friend if you scratch it. I have tons of fun chasing the other animals around our corral, but don’t worry, we’re just playing!

Best Fly-Fishing in Western Montana

Delta Sky recently featured Paws Up in a story about the best fly-fishing in Western Montana.  The Blackfoot River–10 miles of which flow through Paws Up–is mentioned as a “classic freestone stream.”  Pomp, our fine dining restaurant, is also recommend in the “Where to Eat” section.  We’d like to thank Brian Kevin for putting together this great article!  Click here to download and read the full article.