“My only disappointment…was leaving.”

Check out this great article from Nicholas Sveslosky in Fido Friendly Magazine.  Great recap of our first annual Wine & Bitch Weekend.  Here’s a snippet: “There are few vacations where Fido feels as welcome as you go.  My only disappointment about the weekend was leaving.”  Click Here to read the full article.

Just Back From…Paws Up

Paws Up was included in this week’s Indagare newsletter and website! The newsletter highlights a round up of top tents for “glamping”.  In Melissa Biggs-Bradley’s “Just Back From” post, it sounds like she was impressed!  Click Here to read the post.

Guest Post: Ellien Landy, Altour Travel

Travel is my business and joy. In an effort to keep you abreast of unique possibilities that you might find interesting, I am writing to you with my thoughts on my most recent trip.  The Resort at Paws Up in Montana is an easily reachable destination.  The privately owned resort sits on a mere 37,000 acres with a selection of accommodations ranging from luxury tents to huge 3-bedroom homes that could comfortably sleep 8 people.  The Resort focuses on wide open spaces and activities for the guests.  My personal activities included clay shooting, river rafting, a romp on the ATVs culminated by my leap of faith off the side of the mountain. Rappelling may not be for everyone, but it sure was exciting.  Check out this clip of my rappel.

Happy Travels!


Independence Day, Paws Up Style

Our annual 4th of July celebration was once again a stunning success, -thanks to our fun-loving, creative guests, our hard-working staff and of course another beautiful Montana summer evening.   The evening starts out with the buggy parade from the Wilderness Outpost to the Cookshack.    The competition seems to get tougher and tougher every year as our guests try to outdo one another to have the most festive and creative (sometimes a little too creative) decorated Mountain Buggy or Greenough Clean Machine in hopes of taking home the coveted “Best Buggy Award” –think of the bragging rights at the yacht club or boardroom when you bring that baby home!   The buggies in this year’s parade included the Uncle Sam buggy complete with marching Statue of Liberty’s and multiple Uncle Sam’s , a 4th of July Montana-Style buggy and the ultimate winner, a Greenough Clean Machine transformed in to a glamping tent complete with timber frame by the Cohn family.

Following the parade, the guests participated in traditional lawn games including sack races; pass the orange and the scandalous team event “eating a donut on a licorice rope”.   After a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by restaurant server, Beth Clausen, guests were invited to Chef Coffel’s Regional American BBQ.  Throughout the evening guests participated in scored activities including Sporting Clays, Fly Casting, Water Balloon slingshot, paint ball and archery.  The final competition of the evening was the world-famous pie eating contest and the West family’s showing in the top three enabled them to claim the top prize in the 4th of July Family Competition.

As dark settled on the Blackfoot Valley, guests gathered around the fire pit, the lawn and, in some cases, the bar to enjoy the fireworks display.  It was a great show and guests continue to be amazed at how impressive the fireworks show is year after year.

The guests loved the evening and many rebooked immediately for next year.  The competition for Best Buggy and Family Competition in 2010 promises to be even more intense than this year, so if you are joining us next year, get you game face on, you’re going to need it.

-Jim Nielsen

“The United States’ First Carbon-Neutral Property”

From USA Today: The United States now has its first carbon-neutral property, the Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Montana. Following a comprehensive assessment of the total carbon output of the resort, Paws Up has invested in local forestry and rangeland projects to reduce the carbon “paw print” of their guests in 2009 to zero. “While it has been important to reduce our carbon footprint through offsets,” says general manager Jim Nielsen, “our next goal will be to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that we produce, through solar and wind power initiatives and increasing recycling and waste management efforts.”

Click Here to read the article.

Click Here to learn more about iPreserve at Paws Up.

“A Luxurious Wilderness Safari…in the U.S.”

That’s what JG Blackbook President Jena Gardner called Paws Up in a recent article. She went on to list the Top 5 reasons to stay at The Resort at Paws Up:

1. Luxury Oasis
2. Camping in Style
3. High-Country Adventure
4. Family Fun
5. Gourmet Dining

She also made reference to our incredible June Rates, which are now 60% off July and August rates. Click Here to read the entire article.

Reginald, Gus, and The Hazels

Come to The Bull Barn Chicken Coop and visit our roosters, Reginald (he’s a dandy) & Gus and our collection of hens – all named Hazel – since we can’t tell them apart. These hens are exceptional employees, producing an egg a day with only seed as payment. Your over-easy eggs at breakfast, likely came from one of the Hazels, so you may want to stop by and thank her. Right next to the hen house is our collection of chicks (or pullets or hens, depending on the dates of your stay); these egg-layers-in-training are closely watching their neighbors to learn the roost.

Alongside the Chicken Coop is the Paws Up Organic Garden. Recycled tractor tires serve as raised beds where we are organically growing vegetables, herbs and flowers to be used in our restaurants. Depending on the season, you may be able to sneak a sugar snap pea or a cherry tomato as you stroll by the garden – but be wary of Reginald, he may be watching you.

-Jim Nielsen

Many Paws Up!

We’ve put together a “motion picture” that captures Wine & Bitch 2009!  Enjoy!