Native Nomenclature – Tent City

As a tribute to The Treasure State, each of our accommodations are named for something native to Montana.  As part of our “Native Nomenclature” series, learn more about the origin of the individual tent names at Tent City…inspired by infamous Montana outlaws:

Rattlesnake Jake: Wanted for minor horse rustling, suspected of murder and wanted in half a dozen towns and at least four territories.

The Wild Bunch: The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang Robbed Trains and Shot People.

Dutch Henry: Terrorized settlers with their horse thievery, kidnapping and robberies.

Big Nose George: A rustler and robber who in his life ran with many outlaws.

The Pigeon-Toed Kid: Ran with a bunch of horse thieves who were rustling along the border and selling them in North Dakota.

Long-Haired Owens: Was Rattlesnake Jake’s partner in crime.