I Knew Him When…

When I called Bradley Ogden after 20 years I expected him to say, “who?” But, instead we had fun catching up about our time at Campton Place in the Eighties – a time when his culinary expertise was taking San Francisco by storm. After I departed Campton Place, Bradley’s fame sky-rocketed, though we suspect no connection here.

I followed his openings and successes, mostly from afar, only dining in one more of his great restaurants. When we were thinking about which chefs to invite to our 2008 Montana Master Chefs event, I told the rest of our team…”I know Bradley Ogden” and they all snickered. Okay, so I meant…”I knew him when he was just starting out” and, “yes that was 20 years ago, and no we had not stayed in touch!”

I called him anyway.

When we met in the reception barn on the first night of the event we exchanged warm hugs and kisses, then we wondered where 20 years had gone, denied that either of us had aged, began talking about the rest of the 80’s team at Campton Place, and eventually mingled with the other guests. It was so great to see him again…and just as wonderful to enjoy his masterful cooking two nights later.

Bradley’s infectious personality is only outdone by his abilities in the kitchen, and after 3 days of fun with him, twenty years felt like yesterday.

– Terre Short

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