Reginald, Gus, and The Hazels

Come to The Bull Barn Chicken Coop and visit our roosters, Reginald (he’s a dandy) & Gus and our collection of hens – all named Hazel – since we can’t tell them apart. These hens are exceptional employees, producing an egg a day with only seed as payment. Your over-easy eggs at breakfast, likely came from one of the Hazels, so you may want to stop by and thank her. Right next to the hen house is our collection of chicks (or pullets or hens, depending on the dates of your stay); these egg-layers-in-training are closely watching their neighbors to learn the roost.

Alongside the Chicken Coop is the Paws Up Organic Garden. Recycled tractor tires serve as raised beds where we are organically growing vegetables, herbs and flowers to be used in our restaurants. Depending on the season, you may be able to sneak a sugar snap pea or a cherry tomato as you stroll by the garden – but be wary of Reginald, he may be watching you.

-Jim Nielsen

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