Open Spaces Inspire Open Minds

It seems that the walls and partitions of offices and cubicles create division and stifle collaborative thinking.  Even those fortunate enough to have a window office, often fix their gazes on the surrounding concrete jungles or drab parking lots.

Do inspiring visions really come from a vast room full of coats, ties and boring business suits?  How ’bout the time constraints of a 45-minute meeting with paper cups from the water cooler providing the main source of refreshment?

To start thinking outside the box, companies need to spend some time outside of it as well.  The Resort at Paws Up spans 37,000 acres of majestic Montana countryside – the perfect environment to corral fresh ideas and broaden your company’s horizons.  Instead of a boring board room, teams meet in a 100-year-old renovated barn.  Instead of breaks spent waiting in line at the Starbucks down the street, they’re spent in the saddle of a horse driving cattle as a team.  Instead of spewing uninteresting thoughts and ideas while someone struggles to jot them down on a whiteboard, new viewpoints and viable solutions flow while relaxing during a gourmet dinner on the banks of the Blackfoot River.

Leave the average meetings for the average companies.  We profess that work and play can be intertwined.  It’s amazing what a little pampering, luxury, and gourmet food and wine can do to motivate, inspire and rally a team towards achieving greatness.

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