A Day in the Life of a Camping Butler


Back in college, Eddy Young got a job at Paws Up as a camping butler and, tellingly, he’s never spent another summer anywhere else since. “Being a native Montanan, I love the outdoors and love showing off this beautiful state,” Young says, “so the camping butler job was a perfect combination of the two things.”


Now serving as glamping® manager, Young fondly remembers his days as a butler. A typical day starts early. The butler must be in the camps and preparing for breakfast by 6AM. As a result, they get to see the beautiful sunrises and watch the day come to life.

“There is always some work to be done in the camps, whether it is cleaning, hauling wood or simply helping guests enjoy themselves,” says Young. “Montana offers so many new experiences for our guests, and one of the best parts of the job is sharing these experiences. Our butlers love showing kids (and parents too) how to enjoy a typical Montana summer—fishing, hiking, biking, skipping rocks and most importantly how to perfect a s’more.”

In the evenings, the butler will prepare dinner with the camping chef. The energy at the camps is always very high, as guests are unwinding from a long day of adrenaline-inducing activities. Once dinner is served, the butler will start a fire outdoors while the kids play in the last light of the day and the parents enjoy a quiet moment.

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Here are the hourly duties of a camping butler at Paws Up on a typical day:

6 A.M. Arrive at the camp; begin set-up of breakfast and prepare the Dining Pavilion; serve breakfast alongside the camping chef; assist guests with preparation for their activities; confirm transportation; assist with general guest inquiries; verify dinner reservations and menu selection.

The Resort at Paws Up Summer 2011

10 A.M. Clean all tables and dishes and break down the breakfast buffet items;sweep and mop the kitchen and Dining Pavilion

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11 A.M. Prepare guest tents for arrivals; greet new guests arriving to the camp, familiarizing them with camp offerings and tent amenities; haul and stock wood at both campfire pits; assist guests with laundry

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3 P.M. Greet new guests at the camp; prepare for dinner pickup and delivery of supplies requisitioned from the morning; restock supplies; set up for dinner; discuss the night’s menu with the chef, highlighting special dietary needs of the guests; assist guests with wine, beer and cocktail service

The Resort at Paws Up Fall 2010

6:30 P.M. Serve dinner in a fivecourse, family-style setting; wait on guests enjoying dinner in the Dining Pavilion; assist with s’mores service after dinner at our outdoor fire pit

The Resort at Paws Up June 2013 Across the River from Cliffside Camp9: 30 P.M. Clean up after dinner; see that all guests have what they need for the night; educate guests on their morning activity times; after all closing duties are complete, guests have gone to bed and fires have been put out, retire for the evening

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