Good To Be Back

Welcome to The Last Best Blog and our little slice of Montana.  For those of you I haven’t met, I am the recently appointed General Manager of the Resort.  My predecessor, Terre Short accepted the role of Managing Director for our company, which allowed me this tremendous opportunity.  Terre’s day-to-day involvement in the Resort will be somewhat lessened, but she is still actively involved in the strategic planning and overall direction of our operation. 

While I may be the new General Manager, this isn’t my first time to this rodeo.  I was the opening Food and Beverage Director for the Resort in 2005, became the Assistant General Manger soon after and remained in that role until 2007.  I left Montana for a short time to be the GM of a resort in the mountains of Colorado, until I was swayed back to try to fill Terre’s shoes. 

– Jim Nielsen

Welcome to The Last Best Blog

We are pleased to share with you a more intimate and personal view of The Resort at Paws Up: The Last Best Blog.  We have always been committed to innovating, and with this blog, we have become one of the few luxury resorts to commit to this level of communication with our guests.  While you’re not here, we pledge to keep you updated on such things as our staff, our cuisine, our wilderness adventures, our homes, and most importantly, our desire to see you again!  We ask you to join us as we take you through a spectacular journey brought to you by the staff at Paws Up.